Hidden Gems

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away. 

This weekend I agreed to help my parents clean out their basement as they are currently undergoing renovations.

What started out as a productive day turned into my dad and I parked on the couch for hours totally and completely mesmerized by old photographs and mementos.

After lots of laughs around funny report card comments and bad nineties fashion looks- I finally came across this photo in a pile of postcards.


Who is this guy? I wondered. Was it taken from an album cover, or an old magazine?

Turns out, this is actually a snap of my dad! I couldn’t believe it – this picture of this long-haired hippy is nothing like the relatively conservative guy I know today.

This photograph launched into a lot of great stories as my dad recalled his youth- travelling across Canada for years as a soundman with various bands and musicians- or what he referred to as the “Jack Keroauc” time in his life. 

I think its natural for us to forget that our parents actually had a life before having children – and that life is often very different than the one they know now.

Seeing this one photograph, this hidden gem has made me realize that as I grow older- there’s so much more to learn about my parents. Who were they before they had me? How did they grow into the person they are now?

Here’s to finding more hidden gems.




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