Lately, I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get out of bed Monday morning. I’ve been feeling tired, uninspired and all around down about myself- which is particularly challenging when working in a creative industry, where its part of my job to come up with innovative new ideas.


My cat Lola demonstrating exactly how I feel about Monday mornings 


Looking for someone to join in my pity party, I called one of my oldest friends and prepared for a good ranting session. But as soon as my friend picked up the phone, I noticed how upbeat and inspired she sounded.

Her simple but much-needed advice to me was this- If you’re not failing, you’re not showing up.

She then shared a video with me that had been a source of inspiration to her when she felt down and vulnerable. The talk features  Dr. Brene Brown, an academic/”vulnerability” researcher, who talks about how vulnerability is the birthplace of relationships, creation and connection.

For Dr. Brown, vulnerability is about showing up and being seen with an irrelevancy to winning or losing. What I got from the talk was that at the end of the day,  you need to continue to show up in your life and be seen, and getting your ass kicked a little is actually an important part of the process.

I highly encourage you to check out Dr. Brown’s video if you are in need of a little inspiration like I was.


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